Mats for Haiti

  • Our Youth Director, Nancy Gallant, working on our latest sleeping mat.

Our Director of Student Ministries, Nancy Gallant, is passionate about a mission project that helps our environment while providing safe sleeping mats for those in developing countries.  Nancy and her volunteers convert milk bags into “Mats for Haiti” through a process of cutting the bags into strips and weaving them on home-made looms into sleeping mats that provide protection from the damp and insects.  These mats are collected and sent to those who are still residing in tents and makeshift housing as a result of the earthquake in Haiti.  Plans are now underway to send to mats to countries in Africa.

We are thankful to the many churches and community members who donate milk bags to this mission and we would encourage other groups to take on this fun and easy project that prevents thousands of milk bags from entering our landfills.

For instructions on how to weave your own Mats for Haiti, check out the following YouTube link:




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